Frequently Asked Questions

How long is valid a Tigermeeting licence?

Tigermeeting booking screen and overview screen licences are perpetual - valid indefinitely within the registered company (the licences are not transferable).

All upgrades are included for the products that are licensed. This means there are no additional monthly, annual or other hidden costs involved when choosing a Tigermeeting product.

It is a one time purchase.

Demo licences are usually valid for 30 days.

What is the Tigermeeting Licence voucher? How to claim it?

Tigermeeting Licence vouchers are sold by resellers or given out on product expos and trade fairs for demo purposes.

Please, claim your voucher at https://tigermeeting.app/en/contact and Tigermeeting's Customer Service will turn these vouchers to purchased lifetime or demo Tigermeeting software licences - depending of the voucher type. 

Please note, Tigermeeting Licence vouchers are unique and can be only clamed once.

I want Tigermeeting suite, but where can I buy Philips screens?

Tigermeeting does not sell hardware but cooperates with Philips resellers/distibutors worldwide. Please, tell us more about your needs and requirements at  https://tigermeeting.app/en/contact and we will help you contacting your local Philips dealer to obtain necessary hardware.

What Philips screens are compatible with the Tigermeeting products?

The following Philips screens are compatible with the Tigermeeting Overview screen product:












... and all other touch or non-touch Android screens

The following 10" Philips screens are compatible with the Tigermeeting Booking screen product:

10BDL3051T/00  (Android 4.4)

10BDL4151T/00  (Android 7.1)

10BDL4551T/00  (Android 8.1)

I have already compatible Philips screens, how can I try the Tigermeeting products?

It is possible to try the Tigermeeting room suite. Demo licences are avaliable on request. Please, do not hesitate to ask at https://tigermeeting.app/en/contact

Demo licences are valid for one month.

Is Tigermeeting compatible with other producers' devices

Tigermeeting has a long term exclusive agrement with Philips in the Nordics, therefore Tigermeeting products are compatible just with Philips android based devices.

In the near future, there are plans that the generic Tigermeeting Android APK will support other screen/tablet producers' Android based products that will be marketed outside of the Nordics market region.

How many Tigermeeting licences are needed to cover meeting rooms in the organisation?

Every device that runs Tigermeeting software needs one licence.

Example: What is needed to cover 10 meeting rooms in the office and one overview screen at the reception with Tigermeeting meeting suite?

Answer:  Hardware: 10 x Philips 10" screens + 1 x Philips 24”-98" screen

Tigermeeting suite licences: 10 x Tigermeeting booking screen licences + 1 x Tigermeeting overview screen licence  

How can I purchase more licences to expand the Tigermeeting suite installation?

Generally, please, contact your local Tigermeeting reseller/distributor.

In case this information is not available to you or there is no local distributor in your country, please send your query at https://tigermeeting.app/en/contact
We will help you purchasing new licences either pointing you to a local Tigermeeting dealer or in case a reseller is not available selling licences directly to you.
Tigermeeting ships worldwide. 

How much costs the Tigermeeting Admin app? Does it need a licence?

The Tigermeeting Admin app - the central management tool that configures and manages the Tigermeeting booking and overview screens - is a free product, and it is included in the Tigermeeting solution.

It is downloadable from https://tigermeeting.app/en/downloads page.

The customer needs to have at least one booking screen or one overview screen license in order to use it.

The Tigermeeting Admin app is compatible just with the Philips screens with Android firmware running Tigermeeting products and cannot be used for other purpose.

Where can I get the company code required during the registration?

Short answer: The initial Admin account is created by the Tigermeeting Customer service and the credentials are sent out by e-mail. There is no need for registration. Please login directly.

Long answer: Your reseller/distributor should have sent a mail to support@tigermeeting.app containing:

Company name: (example: NY Stock Exchange)
Admin user name: (example: Dow Jones)
Admin user email-address: (example: dow.jones@nyse.com)
Number of licenses: (example: 10 booking + 1 overview screen)

Tigermeeting customer support configures the licenses and the customer will receive the company code and the admin password on Admin user's email-address. 

The registration e-mail contains the following:

"Please note, your admin account is already created. You can Login directly - no need to Register.
Your unique Company code is used during the registration of an additional Admin - but, please keep this information confidential as new registrations will share your license pool." 

In case the mail has not arrived to your Inbox, please check the SPAM folder -  in all other cases please contact us at https://tigermeeting.app/en/contact

Does the Tigermeeting product support my local language?

The Tigermeeting suite uses an advanced, dynamic localization technology that currently supports over 30 languages - easily to choose from the Admin app for each device.

In case your language is not listed, please send a request to support@tigermeering.app for a resolution - and the language can be easily added without any software upgrade within few hours. 

Is there any Tigermeeting cloud? What is stored there? Is it GDPR compliant?

Tigermeeting products use an unique, high watermark distributed database technology - therefore the information and the configuration itself are distributed between the screen devices within the local network infrastructure only.

There is no need for central or external data store - therefore it does not exist. 

Booking and overview screens:

- Calendar operations - like booking on the screen and presenting the calendar events on the booking and overview screens are API based request/response type of operations between the online calendar supplier (like Microsoft or Google) for display purpose only. No personal data is stored on the devices or trasfered elsewhere.

Admin App:

- The Tigermeeting Admin app - itself - becomes part of the distributed database just when an Admin logs in on the network - and no information is stored on the Admin's computer.

- However, the Admin users' login credentials and the customers' licence information are stored in the Tigermeeting cloud (licence server, how we call it) in hashed format using high security cryptography algorithm.

- In case, the customer choses so - the Tigermeeting cloud can be used to store the network backup - the infrastructure settings snapshot in encrypted format - that is used for network restore fuctionality.


- If the customer choses so - Tigermeeting cloud is used to store the collected, anonymous meeting room usage information that is presented under the meeting room Analytics pages - visualizing the room usage statistics, booking tendency, company's booking behavior providing useful information for better meeting room utilization and the hardware health itself.

- The events are anonymous - in a sense, that they are tied to the devices' MAC address only.

- The events are sent by the Tigermeeting applications when the analytics/event log feature is turned ON and the devices are operational during the event.

On explicit request, all accumulated event logs and other customer data can be requested to be delivered/presented or permanently deleted. 

For more information, please read the Tigermeeting Privacy Policy that complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and POPI regulations.

Will the screen perform an automatic firmware or software upgrade when it is available?

The Admin App shows a notification in case a software upgrade or new firmware is available, but the Admin user's conscious act is needed to trigger the upgrade itself. Upon request the upgrade is performed over the entire infrastructure or just on chosen devices.

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