Themes and color indicators

Tigermeeting support different themes helping the screens fit into the environment and match your school or office design.

The themes itself, the company logotypes and the background images are easily changeable - managed directly from the Admin app.


New themes can be added by the Tigermeeting support team - without any software upgrade. 

These are the customers' favourites themes - beside the Default theme:



Pick your favourite theme or ask for a bespoke theme to be created that you can share with the community or use it just by your own.

Tigermeeting uses three different colors on the screens as well the LED-bars on the monitors - when available.

Led back lights and the theme colors help the user to determine the room's state.

Green light means that the room is now available.

Yellow: the rooms is about to get occupied (time limit can be set in the Admin application).

Red indicates that the meeting room is now busy and cannot be booked. However – on each booking screen the user can find the list of other available rooms and on an easy way book a meeting remotelly.

Configure led bar behavior directly from the Admin App:

  • all leds OFF
  • all leds ON
  • just side leds ON
  • just top leds ON
  • just bottom leds ON
  • just corners ON
  • luminance choice: low, medium, high
  • user choosable, full RGB span for red, green and yellow color functionalities

Light up you corridors with Tiger running on screens that have led bars.
Impress your visitors, satisfy your employees.

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