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Tigermeeting is well aware, how important the common language is for the communication and maintaining company culture. 

Even, if the English language is dominant in the IT technology world -  and Tigermeeting is not an exception (as the Admin app uses only English lanuage for the configuration)... but all the public/user facing devices, the booking screens and the overview screens are easily localized.

Currently, Tigermeeting solution supports more than 40 languages - among them:

en (English) hu (Hungarian) sr (Serbian) sv (Swedish) da (Danish) no (Norwegian) bs (Bosnian) hr (Croatian) es (Spanish) is (Icelandic) fi (Finnish) fr (French) it (Italian) de (German) nl (Dutch) ru (Russian) zh (Chinese) ar (Arabic) sr-cyr (Serbian Cyrillic) pt (Portuguese) et (Estonian) lv (Latvian) lt (Lithuanian) pl (Polish) cz (Czech) ro (Romanian) el (Greek) he (Hebrew) ja (Japanese) mk (Macedonian) tr (Turkish) th (Thai) am (Amharic) af (Afrikaans) hi (Hindi) id (Indonesian) fa (Persian) be (Belarusian) uk (Ukrainian) sl (Slovenian) sk (Slovak) vi (Vietnamese) ms (Malay) hy (Armenian) az (Azerbaijani) sq (Albanian) ko (Korean)

The Tigermeeting suite uses an advanced, innovative and dynamic localization technology.

In case your language is not listed, or as a native speaker, you realize that the translation colud be improved, please send a request to support@tigermeering.app for a resolution - and the language can be easily added/changed without any software upgrade and being deployed within few hours.

The lanuages are easily choosable from the Admin app for each device. With Tigermeeting the localisation is always just one click away.

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