Philips monitors

We cooperate with Philips Professional Displays and use their Android based 10” Touch-monitors. This monitor is built for 24/7 usage which is very important for our customers. With Philips, we also see the advantage with their product continuity and quality. This monitor also support portrait mode and have their special design LED-bars on the sides for full visibility. The monitor also comes with a convenient built-in wall mount for extra cost saving.

Supported 10" devices used with the Tiger Booking screen:

Supported lager screens with Android - often used with the Tiger Overview screen:

  • 24BDL4151T
  • 32BDL4051D
  • 43BDL4051D
  • 49BDL4051D
  • 55BDL4051D
  • 49BDL4150D
  • 55BDL4150D
  • 65BDL4150D
  • 75BDL4150D
  • 86BDL4150D
  • 98BDL4150D
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